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太陽のイメージ 冬のイメージ 夏のイメージ 雲のイメージ 雷のイメージ 烟のイメージ 霞のイメージ 山のイメージ 野のイメージ 海のイメージ 河のイメージ 露のイメージ 霜のイメージ 雪のイメージ 雨のイメージ 夜のイメージ 昼のイメージ 火のイメージ 地のイメージ 水のイメージ 生物圏

"Diagram of the world in the Earth's gravity range".
There are all natural forms, shapes and characters in the figure above.

The figure shows the essential components of the ecosystem in the Earth's gravity sphere. The central circle means the biosphere of the earth. The word '小' means 'small' directly. Indeed it is so tinier than the universe. And Baien shows that the area inside the circle of the bold line is our living area.

Baien named the original structure of the ecological system "JORI" (条理). The word is a combination of "JO"(条) and RI"(理). And "JO" means binary tree directly, and the next word "RI" shows the inner system of the pair object.

The above diagram depicts the environment surrounding the Earth by the system of Gengo named "JORI". I have been wondering how to translate the term for many years. Recently I have come to think that "Holonic Dual Path System" is probably best.

But Mrs. Rosemary Mercer, who is the author of "DEEP WORDS", the first English guide book for Gengo, translated the words as "one is one and one." Her idea is excellent, but I am afraid most readers who do not know about "Gengo" can not understand what the three "one" mean.

For example, there are day and night, male and female, stopping and moving, plants and animals, space and time, present and past, infinitely small and infinite, and other elements that make up the global ecosystem.

And I think this should recognize as one of the general system theory. The following image is a real scientific depiction of the environment surrounding the earth. MIURA BAIEN criticized the description of natural science by saying it was just a sketch of nature.

However, in the present day, when natural science is well developed, BAIEN's criticism cannot be accepted as it is. Because having the possibility of positioning natural science within his Holonic Dual Path System is the most significant possibility of "GENGO."

BAIEN's philosophy has the possibility that natural science can be controlled not to destroy nature, but to nurture the environment and bring humanity to an abundance without excess or deficiency.

Just as the great monk Ninmon reconciled the two religions of Buddhism and Shinto, the idea of BAIEN, who was born 1000 years after Ninmon, will bring "beautiful harmony" between nature and natural science.

BAIEN only described the following conceptually and rigorously. He orchard tried to cover the entire global ecosystem using only paper, writing brush, and traditional compass. The Japanese paper at that time was handmade and very expensive, so BAIEN compressed the expression very much. Thus GENGO became a very complex book.

The Layers Of Atmosphere
Layers of the Atmosphere
The water (hydrologic) cycle
Water Cycle Explanation

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