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The figure shows the basis of individuality.

Human beings stand on roots like a tree. The past and the future are like the earth. To forget the dead ancestors and unborn descendants by the reason that they cannot see is the same as to think the root is not under the earth because that can not see. If that is not there, the tree will fall. The individuality of the modern person has become like a balloon without thread.

This map shows the roots of the individuality. The letter "己" refers to one's self and "妻" indicates your wife. Assuming that you are a woman and that you are the "己" all you have to do is to replace the "己" in this figure with your husband, but in the Edo period it was common to think like this figure. That does not mean disdain for women. Until the spread of democracy after the war, the eldest son inherited the family property, the second and third sons had to live by themselves, and sometimes were adopted by families that had no sons. In families without children, a couple was sometimes adopted and adopted at the same time. The basis was not an individual but a family.

This idea was not unique to Baien and was already written in Chinese classics, but I do not remember the name of the book. Look at the the blank map below and write down the names of your parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts.

My house was destroyed in the Meiji Restoration and the Greater East Asia War and the Pacific War. I became lonely, but this is why I can continue my research life. If you lose something, you gain something. That's life.

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