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"A figure of existences with expanse and existences with the shape".

The left half of the figure has an entity of the natural world that has a definite shape. The inside left letter "體" means shape or form, and the inside center "天" shows the upper or outer space. "地" is on or surface of the Globe. Four words connected by a thick cross in the center explained from top to left.
  1. "天" indicates the sphere in the upper space.
  2. "體" indicates the shape, which has external energy.
  3. "地" indicates Globe.
  4. "性" indicates character which has the thermal energy.

Therefore, it can infer as follows.

  1. "天體" is intersection "天" and "體". So, "天體" can write "天∩地".
  2. "地體" is intersection "地" and "體". So, "天體" can write "地∩體".
  3. "地性" is intersection "地" and "性". So, "天體" can write "地∩性".
  4. "天性" is intersection "天" and "性". So, "天體" can write "天∩性".

"天體" divided into two parts. The upper one is near the celestial sphere, and the lower one is near the earth. The former one is mapping here, and later one is here.

"地體" divided into two parts. The upper one "壑", which is near the "地位", means valley, and lower "山" is near the "天位" shows mountains. "地位" is lower position and "天位" is upper position. Click each letter for your intuitive understanding.

"地性" are divided Yin and Yang, which is negative and positive. The positive one shows fire, and the negative one indicates dry‐weather. They are strongly affected by the heat of the sun. Remember that ancient people made fire from the heat of the sun. Recently it is possible to melt iron with the heat of the sun. Also, if it is too dry, a fire is likely to occur. Yin, another one, has water and moisture.

"天性" is divided into the same two parts. Yin is negative, divided into the moon and the shadow. Sometimes the shadow of the moon causes an eclipse. Positive Yang shares out the sun and the light-field.

This map has almost the same as this diagram. The two figures just have different perspectives.

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