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Diurnal motion Solar system
The name of the right figure means "Figure of annual motion".
The name of the left one means "Figure of diurnal motion". 

The word "属色" under "運図" means "belong to light and darkness in space"
and the word "属體" under "轉図" means "belong to forms of materials".

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The arrangement of the two figures clearly shows the difference between the world view of Baien, which considers the world as a pair, and the world view of the Christian world. In the bound "Gengo", the left side of the double-page spread is a figure centered on the earth, and the next page is a figure centered on the sun. And the earth and the sun are written in the center of the paper.

Such figures are intentionally drawn as a pair on the front and back. Some are arranged in pairs on the left and right. However, when drawing, the two figures were drawn on the right and left sides of a piece of paper. Then, when binding, fold in the middle of the paper to make the front and back pages. This is the traditional way of making a book from China. See here for details.

Sun centered system is in light and darkness, and the Earth centered system is in full of materials and shapes.
The two consists of the opposite nature but have equal value for the creation of our Life-world.

You can see celestial spheres and various constellations from the earth. Looking at the ground, you can see mountains, valleys, rivers, the sea, and various white clouds that change shape. There are a wide variety of animals and plants. Insects come in many forms, and there are incredibly complex creatures in the sea, especially in the deep sea.

Baien considered that the earth-centered theory and the sun-centered theory had the same value for the biosphere. Baien was born and lived in a religious tradition completely different from the Christian world, and deeply understood the religious tradition and reconstructed it as a modern thought.

According to recent studies, Tendai Esotericism has gradually become known as Mani which has transformed into Buddhism. It is a religion that considers everything correct, not which one. And this teaching has penetrated very well among Chinese who follow Yin and Yang theory.

Buddhism was highly developed in China. The Maniism that came into China was based on dualism, just like Yin's theory of Yin and Yang. So, as you can easily imagine, Mani's teachings were originally compatible with the traditional thinking of the Chinese people.

So the fusion of Buddhism and Mani was rather a natural consequence. Tendai esotericism was one of the fruits. It is a religion that considers everything correct, not which one. According to the teachings of Tendai, Ninmon reconciled the two completely different religions of Shinto and Buddhism without competing. The Kunisaki Peninsula was the place for that fusion.

When Baien learned about the theory of ground motion, he thought about whether he could build a world with the sun-centered theory from all angles. He concluded that it was not possible. Both were central and thought that they were in harmony in the universe. That is why the earth-centered theory and the sun-centered theory are considered equivalent.

Thus, in GENGO, the two systems are of equal value, but despite the significant development of Earth coordinate observational astronomy, Western natural sciences have not yet viewed the two systems as a dual. This fact shows that even hundreds of years after Galileo Galilei was tried, Western history is still under the influence of the trial.

Because of BAIEN's philosophy is based on Japanese Shinto, a kind of animizm, he considered both inanimate objects and celestial bodies to be life forms. In that sense, BAIEN is also a pioneer of the Gaia hypothesis.

BAIEN considered the Hypothesis of the universe as an organism beyond the Gaia hypothesis. That is like a mother's womb holding a fetus. His idea may seem strange, but he thought that everything in the universe was an organism that has a different phase that existed. That is not strange and is is a universal idea even today for us Asians. And the idea about the top dual pictures shows the one tipical thinking of the hypothesis.

The picture bellow is on the web site "ROKUGOU MANZAN" in the Kunisaki peninsula. And this religious culture shows the starting point of Baien's thought.

2 CELLOS looks like the Maitreya of the 21 century.

The playing is here and here, and others.

We are living in the same world.
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