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地球の引力圏 上昇 下降 太陽系の回転 日周運動 年周運動 海・湖・河 地球大気圏 宇宙の闇 太陽の光(日光) 熱圏のイメージ すべての動き 運動エネルギー 熱エネルギー
"The diagram of the two motions on the celestial sphere and in the meteorological phenomena"

There are two kinds of energies in this figure. One is the power to move the celestial sphere drawn in the right semicircle. And another one is the power to circulate the meteorological phenomena in the left one.

I will explain the circled characters in order from the first quadrant to the forth. The outer "轉" means diurnal rotational movement, "運" means the annual one. The center of the former rotation is the earth, and the center of the latter is the sun.

The inner "轉" is an integrated concept of the two rotations. In terms of rotation, they are the same. Today, more than 4000 satellites are orbiting the earth.

In the second quadrant, "升" indicates upward movements in the atmosphere, and "降" shows downward movements. The former is an upward movement of water vapor and airflow by heating to create clouds, and the latter is a downward movement of rain and snow by cooling.

Rotation is the moving of celestial bodies and the celestial sphere. The up-and-down motion is the movement in the gravitational field.

The word "持," which is in the second quadrant, indicates the gravity of the earth. In the third quadrant, "燥" means the atmosphere, and "水" means the sea, river, lake, etc.

The "質" ,an integrated concept, indicates the nature of the H2O-filled region, which exists from the earth's surface to the atmosphere.

The "影" in the fourth quadrant shows the darkness in outer space, and the "日" shows the sun and its light.

The "象," an integrated concept, shows the world without H2O; that is, the space of heat, light, darkness, and coldness. The former has living things, but the latter has not.

Therefore, the letter "象" indicates the internal energy in this world.

The letter "運," the annual motion, corresponds "日" (the sun) and "轉," the daily movement, parallels "影"(darkness in outer space). The annual motion changes seasons, and daily motion makes day and night.

Three letters are arranged vertically on the centerline. The word "気" which is at the center of the upper quadrants, is a concept that integrates the rotational and the up-and-down movements.

Thus, the letter "気" indicates external energy in this world.

The word at the center, "動" is a concept that integrates both. Miura Baien already knew in the mid-1700s that the external and internal energy that is mechanical and thermal energy drives the the universe.

Baien had LifeWorld as the foundation of his thought. That was similar to Edmund Husserl in his later years. In addition to that, Baien created a global system of the biosphere, and the surroundings spreading to outer space.

He knew nothing about the earth's magnetic field or solar wind. If he had known the two powers, he would have incorporated them into external energies.

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