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世代交代 天体の運動 化のヒント 誕生のイメージ 往のイメージ 復のイメージ 時間のイメージ
"Rotational Movement of Heavenly Bodies and Generational Change of Organisms".

There are many celestial movements in this space. Star movements include diurnal and annual motions of the celestial sphere and actions of the planet earth, the moon, and the others.

The geocentric model tends to be denied by modern science. But as Edmund Husserl writes in "The Crisis of European Sciences and Transcendental Phenomenology," it is the essential thing that should never be lost and that all activities of human beings where stand on that.

Natural science is only one of the human activities, but it is so powerful that it is very tough to control. Today, humans controlled by science.

The movements of these stars and celestial spheres of the solar system are that they return to their original positions. The letter "循環" means that.

Stars always return if they move forward. "往" means that and "復" means returning to the original position.

Therefore, the word "循環" that integrates both is the rotational motion of the celestial body.

On the other hand, there is another time phenomenon on the ground. There is survival for many years due to generational changes in organisms. All living creatures survive in principle by the alternation of generations.

The word "鱗比" means resembles scales of fish. I think this kind of bird's-eye view of BAIEN probably learned from Zhuang Zhou. From the perspective of a giant bird Taiho, that flies a few 1000 miles on a single flapping of his wings, the generational change in organisms might seem that way.

Therefore, the word "通" in the center indicates that living creatures on the ground and celestial bodies pass through the same 'time-field' together.

If our world does not have time as a commonplace, we cannot continue research beyond generations on the unified theory of the universe. It can say that our brain is a gift given to us through the generational change of life from about 3.5 billion years ago to today.

Even motion with long cycles, such as the Platonic Year, returns to its original position and repeats. BAIEN thought that this was the characteristic of the movement of celestial bodies. However, it is unknown whether the BAIEN knew about the Platonic Year. Maybe Mateo Ricci brought the knowledge to China in the Ming Dynasty, but I have not seen the evidence.

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