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太陽のイメージ 太陽圏のイメージ 宇宙空間のイメージ
"Sunlight and space darkness"
-the sun and the earth do not share each other's sphere-"

The center circle is the sun.

This figure paired with the previous one, and the two put on the under half of the following map. The "孿胎" which is the unification concept of the two charts, means twin. That is the most typical concept of BAIEN's dualism.

Baien thought the sun and the earth is a twin. That is, the two rotation motions bellow also was a twin. It would help your research of the Gengo system if you did not regard his ideas as unscientific. Baien's approach is a general system theory that considers everything in pairs.

I have written the interpretation several times. And I call it the Holonic Dual Path System.

The right center is the earth and left is the sun in both pictures.

As I have already written several times, BAIEN grew up in the religious tradition of the Kunisaki peninsula, and the principle of his idea is duality. He was unrelated to the dispute between Catholics and Protestants to determine whether the center of the universe created by God was the sun or the earth.

He had thought about the Asian religious tradition with the many monks at that time. His idea had been from the Tendai sect of Buddhism. However, the Taoist Yin and Yang philosophy also had a significant influence on BAIEN's philosophy. It is not easy to conclude whether Tendai Esoteric Buddhism or Taoism has a more critical impact on GENGO.

That is because BAIEN took out only the Theory of Yin-Yang of Taoism and wholly discarded the Five Elements. BAIEN believed that the theory of The Five Elements just belonged to the human world and should not be extended to the objective recognition of the natural world. In other words, Baien valued the religious tradition of Tendai Esoteric Buddhism brought by Ninmon more than the traditional theory of Yin-Yang and the Five Elements of China or the religious dispute in the Christian world.

Tendai Esoteric Buddhism was Manichaeism transformed into Buddhism. However, it has been kept secret for 1300 years.

Manichaeism taught ancient Chinese people elaborate dualistic cosmology. It also was in good agreement with the Yin Yang theory, which is a traditional Chinese thought. Recent research shows that Manichaeism had been handed down in Japan, and many researchers have surprised about that.

The religion was considered Buddhism for over a thousand years. Because that had transformed into Buddhism, experts can not know unless they examine the paintings and characters in the details.

But Tominaga Nakamoto(1715-1746) might have known the relationship between Manichaeism and Buddhism. He had written that Buddhism introduced to Japan was not the teachings of Buddha in his book "出定後語". According to Wikipedia, that is written: "His work represents an early and indigenous example of Buddhist studies and reflects an awareness of Manichaeism and its possible relationship with Buddhism."

BAIEN had thought that the principle of penetrating the earth's biosphere and the universe was a Holonic Dual Path System. Maybe this teaching will be an essential clue to open the next era.

He thought that any point of view would be the zero point of observation of the universe. The idea of the center of immovability in the universe created by God does not exist anywhere in his thoughts.

And now we know that the sun is moving through galaxies, and galaxies are also moving. Observe this movie.

Baien did not know about this rotational motion. Had he been able
to see this video, he would have incorporated it into his theory.
However, the scientific findings in this video do not change
Baien's claims about the heliocentric and geocentric systems.

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