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Figure showing the coincidence of the spheres of annual motion and daily motion
right one is the annual motion's sphere, left one is diurnal motion's

These pictures make a pair, not two different figures.

Actual Diagram Placement

In the right figure, the letter "巓" means summit, and "趺" means platform. The center circle shows the globe, and "極" is the center of the earth. Then "巓" necessarily is the celestial sphere that we look up.

In the left figure, the stars in the solar system are in the sunlight field. BAIEN thought the out of the area is darkness. The "極" of the figure marks the center of the sun, "趺" marks its surface, and "巓" marks the farthest reaches of the solar system.

Therefore, the figures are looking at the following figures from a different perspective.

In 718, Ninmon, a Buddhist monk, introduced the twin gods to the Kunisaki Peninsula. Researchers think this is the prototype of the Maitreya.
Baien saw the sun and earth as twin gods that appeared in space.

If you compare these four figures with the top one, you can see BAIEN had regarded the Globe-center-system and Sun-center-system are as a pair. The Earth has a biosphere, and the Sun is emitting light and heat in darkness space.

On the right, the Earth we live on is the foundation of our existence, and the sky of day and night are top of our daily life which looking up.

On the left, having top energy Sun is the summit and spread out to the heatless and lightless field where the energy level is low. He compared them to the top and foot of the mountain.

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