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地球の重力 周回運動 "A figure of the planetary rotation and gravity movement".
BAIEN drew the orbital paths and gravity field by the duality.

This figure depicts the difference in the rotational motion of planets and the up and down movements of the gravity field. Unlike Newton, BAIEN did not have the idea of expressing two conflicting movements with a single mathematical expression.

BAIEN must have been tried into account the difference between gravitational motion and rotational motion by rotating the small weight attached to the string. The short line makes the faster rotation, and the long line makes slower. The two types of movement in the diagram are very abstract, and the rotational motion is like a satellite orbit.

The most exciting feature of this diagram is that the line representing gravity contacts the inner circle representing rotation. I don't think BAIEN was thinking of a satellite, but I can't help but marvel at the intelligence that has so abstracted the two movements.

There is the figure above in the invisible material domain. So we cannot see the Earth in this figure. If the current Earth, shown in the picture below, with more than 4000 satellites orbiting, were centered, the spacecraft would be spinning along the innermost of the concentric circles.

So let's overlay the top figure with the earth and the satellite. The geostationary satellite is 36,000 kilometers above the ground. As the circumference of the Globe is 40,075 km, geostationary satellites orbit about 2.8 times the diameter of the Globe. The following image shows that. The black circle in the middle is the earth. The surrounding blue is the atmosphere. And the first circle is the geostationary orbit.

You can see how small the area we live in is. That's why Baien called anything on the ground, including us humans, "Small object."

Baien was looking down at the earth from the universe with the eyes of a giant bird "Peng" that once flapped its wings would fly several thousand miles. We can also see the grandeur of Zhuang Zhou here.

As I have written many times and will write many times, the principle of BAIEN's philosophy is duality. But Newton thought that there was a simple mathematical law behind the universe. He believed that the simple a mathematical law created by God must create the world.

So he tried to describe the gravitational falling motion and the celestial rotation in a single mathematical formula. Even today, western scientists tend to think that way. Underlying this is the typical orientation of Western scientists for uniqueness and simplicity.

But that will move into an era of Asian duality and diversity. Since the advent of quantum mechanics, scientists began to recognize that duality is the only simple law of the universe. Attempting to discover a single mathematical principle may itself be an unnatural way of thinking.

Macroscopic laws such as relativity theory and microscopic laws such as quantum mechanics may have duality. If they integrated by superstring theory, the ideal mathematical world and our Lifeworld(German: Lebenswelt), which E.Husserl argued, have duality. Attempting to discover a single principle may itself be an unnatural way of thinking.

Because BAIEN inherited the tradition of Eastern thought from the beginning to the end, he believed that the world consists of two origins that cannot be separated. The Manichaeism of Middle Persian and Taoism of ancient China have duality as origins. Naturally, BAIEN also thought so.

The wave nature and particle nature of light and electrons have plagued many scientists, but the problem is solved if we recognize that duality is at the root of the universe. We can only realize that the foundation of nature is “it is because it is.”

Physicists inevitably started ballistic calculations from Newtonian mechanics. It finally created a rocket to reach the universe and progressed to put the satellite in orbit. But space elevators would be replacing space rockets at around half of this century.

It is best to place the space elevator base on the equator so that the cable is perpendicular to the earth axis.

The space elevator will replace rockets in the near future. Because it is much more economical than a rocket and many children will be able to go to space at school ages in this century.

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