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"A map of categories that belong in the space field and in the time field."

The upper map shows the difference between the categories that belong to the space field and to the time field. The chart is the same as up to the second circle in the following illustration.


You can see more details here. At the same time, you see how complicated "Gengo" hyperlinks are. You can't understand the complexity without the upper diagram on this page. That's the reason Baien painted the chart. However, that is the complexity of nature, including us humans.

Baien's thinking is very modern. We know that all motion made in time and space. Time and space are the broadest and most universal fields. However, in the second diagram, the words "宇" and "宙" are written on top of the 2nd quadrant. The former is space and the latter is time.

In the figure above, the right semisphere marked "行宙." That means "passing through the time field." The letter "居宇" on the left side says "exist in the space field."

He had already understood that time and space were inseparable fields in the 1700s Edo era, and that all existence in nature existed in the space field, and that all of them changed in the time field.

Baien thought that Substantial form remains invariant in the stream of time. The letter "天" marked the 1st quadrant, shows that. Why because if that disappears from the field, the existence also disappears from the real-world. For example, when the form of birds disappears from the quadrant, birds lost from real nature. When the form of the celestial body obliviates from there, it also put out from the actual space. The forms also give matter-specific morphology and motility. Birds have the shape of birds, and beasts have the type of animals.

And each form has its exercise capacity. Birds fly, sing, lay eggs, and beasts run, bark, and hunt on the earth. Plants do not move, but they bloom and bear fruit, giving habitats to birds and insects. Such activity is marked "神" at the lower white quadrant.

Macroscopically, there are various motions of objects, such as the expansion of the universe, the rotation of galaxies, the divergence of energy from the sun, and microscopically, the movement of elementary particles.

On the other hand, in the biosphere, the world we live in, space is divided into "天" of 2nd quadrant far from the Globe and "地" of 3rd quadrant close to the earth. If you look up from the ground, you can see the sky, the Milky Way and recently even the end of the universe.

You will be able to see the concept of substantive form which is one of Aristotle's basic ideas in this chart . And you can understand the historical fact that was conveyed to Baien by Matteo Ricci through Fang Yizhi. The elucidation of the genealogy of this thought is one of the biggest problems in this century.

The Complete Works of Aristotle     The Complete Works of Fang Yizhi

The Complete Works of Miura Baien published as a commemorative work, not for research purposes. Moreover, many important wholly author's handwriting are not in that. Real complete works should be compiled.

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