The first volume "Honso" of the last revision GENGO.
The book consists of five series in eight volumes.
BAIEN put the blank page at the first of all other diagrams.

The short sentence made by four letters means "Wholeness is impossible to draw". Importantly, this short sentence echoes Proposition 7. in Wittgenstein's "Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus".

7. Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent.

That is the reason why it is a blank sheet. As opposed to Proposition 7, the empty page put as the first of the other diagrams. His first draft of GENGO, which written in his 30 years old, begin with "There is something that cannot be said."
The black, short, and thick lines in "Diagram of Divisions and Correspondings" as follows are represent duality. All "一" ( 1 of the kanji number ) shows the wholeness that wraps what is inside.

"Fractal Holonic Dual Path System"

I think the better translation of this original map's name is Holonic Dual Path System. Baien specifies that this figure has both divisions and unification capabilities. All "一" contains the lower "一" and wrapped in the upper "一."

That shows even a part has the same existence value as a whole.

The idea is so similar to the concept of "Holon" advocated by Arthur Kestler. And the wholeness is written as "一" in all small circles. All have the meaning of "Wholeness is impossible to draw."

BAIEN has incorporated "Holon" as much as he could think of into his duality system. Gengo was left behind as incomplete work, but the basic design has already completed.

When we look at the Milky Way, the wholeness that lies in the Milky Way also lies in the mind of people looking at it.

Matsuo Basho made a haiku;


I found a blog that introduced some translations.

-Across to Sado
stretches the milky way

-stormy sea:
stretching over Sado,
Heaven's River

-the rough sea--
flowing toward Sado Isle
the River of Heaven

-The rough sea--
Extending toward Sado Isle,
The Milky Way.

-a wild sea--
stretching to Sado Isle
the Milky Way

-High over wild seas
surround Sado Island--
the River of Heaven

-Across rough seas,
it arches toward Sado Isle--
The river of heaven

-A wild sea,
And stretching out towards the Island of Sado,
The Milky Way.

"Wholeness" considered by BAIEN is very similar to the concept "Absolutes Nichts" of philosophy of Kitaro Nishida. Miura Baien in Edo Japan, Nisida Kitarou in modern Japan, and Matsuo Bashou, who was born 80 years earlier than Baien, had no direct connection. But each expresses the spiritual characteristics of Japanese culture.

Among them, Miura Baien built his idea as a general system theory, which has a consistent structure from beginning to end. It can say that he made outstanding achievements not only in the Japanese spirit history but also in world history. The above meanings that clearly show Japanese spiritual traditions also show in each of the small circles in this diagram.
All small circles mean, "Wholeness is impossible to draw." And each of those wraps dividing groups of the inside, and all contacts each other by that wholeness. The diagram above is the most basic template of GENGO.

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