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経緯剖対図 keii-boutai-zu

This diagram shows a chain of binary trees that continues indefinitely. BAIEN himself clearly states that it will continue indefinitely. This clickable map shows a fractal structure. The GENGO system might then be better named "Fractal Holonic Dual Path System". That is one of the reasons GENGO has become such a difficult book because of its transformative and straightforward structure.

So what does every "ニ"-two- between the dual mean ? All of them is not in small sircle but is in the largest outer circle. Since the outer circle is equivalent to the center circle by BAIEN's system.

All the "ニ" is in all . Everything is wrapped up. Therefore, everything that can be told by proposition wrapped in totality to which each belongs. That is an inevitable consequence of BAIEN's system.

I think that Ludwig Wittgenstein was unaware that the case wrapped by totality.

BAIEN thought about only place of and of "ニ". The place of "ニ" can explain by science, but never about position. Only humans can verify their suitability.
We cannot return to the primitive world, and excessive science and technology will destroy the world as it is. If that suitability is "beautiful harmony", it becomes the new world we have acquired.

The in the middle may be after countless clicks. Which is the central ? Where is the center? Anywhere is center ! The figure below is drawn using this as a template.



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