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One of the state important cultural property of Japan

MIURA BAIEN (1723-1789) created his ideas using sentences and diagrams.
Both have symmetrical structures. The work is one of the national important cultural properties in Japan.
"Gengo" is a rare book in history.

finished version
Birth and Evolution of the Earth and Life
Watch the movie with English subtitles and others.

The "GENGO" diagrams divide into two parts.


The Space Elevator Construction Concept

Deep Sea Construction Concept (Ocean Spiral City)
(English version URL by SHIMIZU CORPORATION)

Biosphere 2
Please don't destroy our original biosphere, the globe!

4 spheres of the earth
Those videos are very similar to Baien's idea in this diagram.

A boomerang of civilization thrown into space
by modern natural science returns to Earth.

The following maps are all clickable.
In the following figure group, the meaning of the Chinese character in the small circle
is shown in the search box of the displayed images.


Gengo Hierarchy View

Gengo text for search, revised by Miura Kokaku

Table view of all Gengo files

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