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Diurnal motion Solar system
The right one's name means "Figure of annual motion".
The left one's name means "Figure of diurnal motion". 

The word "属色" under "運図" means "belong in light and darkness in space"
and the word "属體" under "轉図" means "belong in forms of materials".

Actual Diagram Placement
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The arrangement of the two is impressive. The right one centering the sun drawn on the left page and the left one centering the earth brought the next right page, and the sun and the globe have put the center of each page.

Sun-center-system is in light and darkness, and the Earth-center-system is in all material shapes.
The two consists of the opposite nature but have equal value for the creation of our Life-world.

You can see the celestial sphere from the earth. There are constellations in various forms. If you look at the ground, you can see mountains, valleys, rivers, the sea, and the flow of white clouds. Animals and plants, especially insects, have a variety of forms. But absolutely no one can see them from the sun.

BAIEN thought that the earth-centric theory and the sun-centric theory were of the same value for the biosphere. The two figures on this page are not dual figure in BAIEN's original idea. But BAIEN's elder son KOKAKU MIURA thought those as a dual figure. Therefore, those shown as a dual figure with a different name in published "GENGO". The idea of KOKAKU was not wrong, but BAIEN's original design was not so.

BAIEN obeyed the traditional idea of "Rokugo-Manzan," where was founded by monk Ninmon at 718AD. Therefore the two systems have equal value in GENGO. However, despite the remarkable development of Observational astronomy of the Earth coordinate system, Western natural science still cannot see the two systems as a duality yet.

This fact shows that even now, several hundred years after Galileo Galilei's was tried, Western history is still under its influence.

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