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The word "同胞" means brothers born from the same mother,
and the word "孿胎" means twins in those original senses.

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"動" means moving, and "静" means static.

The great monk Ninmon had brought the idea of the duality of Tendai-Buddhism to Kunisaki Peninsula in 718AD. Baien Miura was born in 1723 at "Rokugo-Manzan" in Kunisaki Peninsula.

His mother "Fusa" was born in Sento VIllage. Great monk Ninmon built his first temple named "Sento-JI" there, and he spread the dualism of "Tendai". Few experts research the issue of this Japanese regional history.

Sadly, his first temple destroyed by Otomo Sorin (1530-1587), who was a Christian Daimyo. He broke many temples built on the Kunisaki Peninsula. Christianity could not tolerate dualism.

However, modern quantum mechanics proves that there is duality at the bottom of the universe.

The next some photos which I took show the first temple "SENTO-JI-Okunoin" in 2018. Okuno-in means inner shrine. He kept preaching until he died here.

Ninmon died at this little cabin. His death date is unknown.
He brought dualism to the Kunisaki Peninsula and created
an important historical land called Rokugo Manzan.

Later, most Japanese hope to marry in front of Japanese gods and die under the protection of the Buddha. It is a secular tradition of NINMON teachings. It's like a marriage in a church and a funeral at a mosque.

Most of Japanese never wonder that. NINMON mediates conflicts between religions and paves the way for peaceful coexistence. Can you imagine a scene where you get married in a Christian church and have a funeral at an Islamic mosque at the end of your life?

However, I am convinced that Ninmon's most important work was that it brought the BAIEN's system to world history 1000 years later.

I am convinced that BAIEN's Holonic Dual Path System will be used as a catalyst to integrate past and future, East and West, religion and science, relativity theory and quantum mechanics, and our life world.

The keyword that creates the next era is duality. Not uniqueness.

Rokugomanzan,Gods and Buddha Living Together

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