The upper two figures correspond to the lower semicircle of the next diagram.

The black ball at the center of the left figure below is the earth,
and the white ball at the center of the right figure below is the sun.

The lower semicircle of the figure above shows the twins of the Sun-center-system and Globe-center-system. Idea underlying the figure above proves that BAIEN's philosophy is a from of Tendai Buddhism, which believes in Maitreya called Miroku-Bosatsu in Japan. Maitreya's original appearance is a twin of little boy and girl. And the statue of ancestor god, located in Futagoji-temple, is also a twin of little boy and girl. The God is originally Maitreya, the statue of which people say Ninmon carved.

Manichaeism finally reached Japan. And the teaching was crystallized at the three spot, Enryaku-Ji, Kongobu-Ji, and Rokugo-Manzan. So the spread of Manichaeism in this link must be extended to Japan.

But it has been kept secret for 1300 years. Therefor the teachings was called "secret teachings."

The fact that the 'Gengo' of Miura Baien, which was born from such a historical background, became a logical model of the global ecosystem, as a result, seems to convey something fundamental for us humans to think about the future of the world.

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