"Space(宇)and time(宙)itself can not draw"

The space for all objects and the time for all changes cannot target. The time and the space have opposite characteristics. The most important thing is GENGO is the first logical system in history that has time and space in its system. The first person to realize the relativity between time and space was not Albert Einstein, but Miura Baien.

The central '没' means nonmaterial. However, BAIEN considered time and space as non-material beings in the material domain.

Let me briefly explain the meaning of other characters from the leftof upper figure. Space fields fills every corner of the universe and becomes the place of all things, the time field becomes the time we know, and everything changes over time. Space is a place where the world exists, but if there is no time, it is only a panorama of the world. When the passage of time added to it, it becomes a world where changes generate. BAIEN further classifies time. The following diagram illustrates this.

In this figure, BAIEN divides time into the present, past, future, and past and future in the vicinity. He also divides the space into self-localization points of objects and places of unique existence, areas that sink toward the center of the earth, and areas that float away from the earth.

BAIEN thought that the heavenly stars in the universe would float because they were light. The meaning of the word 'light' using in GENGO is profound.


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