The meaning of each word is as follows.

1. "本" means the power to maintain identity.
2. "神" means activity.

The great video on the previous page created by Rhawn Joseph, Ph.D. explains the universe we live. This universe maintains identity from beginning to end.

Beethoven's Symphony No. 9, which flows behind the movie, also remains identical from beginning to end.

Everyone has their own identity from birth to death. They are living with various personalities. They live diverse personalities until the end of their lives, and the all living creatures creates a global ecosystem. Maintains identity while working quietly and sometimes intensely. The vitality is indicated by the word "神". This letter usually uses to mean God, but BAIEN only uses for vitality and activity.

And the word "性" which is integration concept of the two words shows that there is a presence beyond "本" and "神". The universe creates towards its integrated existence.

I feel that this white quadrant is close to Elan Vital and Creative Evolution
mentioned by Henri Bergson (1859-1941) .

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