The word '造' means incessant creation. The word '化' implies that what has been created will continually become things of the past. There are things that can and cannot be done with the nature of each thing. And each thing complements each other. For example, fire can heat things but cannot cool them, and water can cool things but cannot heat them. And fire and water work together to keep the environment at the right temperature.

On a global scale, when lava blows out onto the ground and cools and hardens, it forms a mountain, and when rain falls on the ground, it creates rivers and valleys. The earth produces land and flora, and the sea produces underwater flora and fauna. Baien thought that these were all effects of the creation of the earth.

When Zhu Xi (1130-1200) heard that people had sometimes discovered conch shells at the top of the mountain, he thought the big storm had carried them from the sea. When Baien read this description of Zhu Xi, he believed that the hill had once been the sea bottom and it became a mountain after an incredibly many years.

Zhu Xi was born in the vast China continent in 1130. Baien was born in 1723 in a volcanic country, earthquake-prone Japan. The differences between the climate and the times have created a difference in their judgment.

The earth has significantly changed over the years, but now it looks like this.

Hundreds of millions of years ago, there was a creature with a skeleton like this. The study of living organisms that lived on Earth before the birth of the human race is called paleontology. I think Baien thought that the past and the future were assumed from the present and did not exist. Put, it is the idea that only the things that touch the five senses exist today. He writes:

Even if the candle flame does not change its shape all night, the former flame is not the latter.

That is, we can see only flames that exist at the same present time. I think Baien applies this reasoning to the entire universe.

I don't know what the earth at that time was like, but it can be reproduced with the help of the current supercomputer and computer graphics.

The videos introduced below reproduce the creation of the universe from ancient times to today, or from the birth of the earth to today by using computer graphics. The word '才' is the integration concept of them. The creativity(造) and all past existences(化)create following situations one after another.

Origin & Creation: Sun, Solar System, Planets, Life on Earth
Origin & Creation of the Sun, Solar System, Planets, Life on Earth, by Rhawn Joseph, Ph.D.

Global History Atlas
Japanese commentary only
All movies are created by Hadean Bioscience Research Group..

1. Earth birth
2. Plate tectonics
3. The birth of Primitive Life
4. The first stage of life evolution
5. Second stage of life evolution
6. 3rd stage of life evolution
7. Before dawn of life evolution
8. Cambrian life evolution
9. Paleozoic
10. From the Mesozoic to the birth of mankind
11. Humankind-human birth and civilization
12. The future of the earth

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